About Us

Image Source : Dada Bhagwan Foundation, Google+

Hi…,. My name is Upender. I am a 21 year old Graduate in Science and Lifestyle blogger(allowing it to happen) by 😉 paasion 😉 . I love reading, networking, working out on my body and hanging out with myself…,.as i love my own company…,. (If you are with yourself and feeling alone than thats good,…but if you are lonely in your own company…,.than come on give a damn about youself,.. Be conscious ). So, i was saying that i love all those hanging out type things,..which you can usually find in rare persons like me and i hope in you also…,. So hang around here if you wish to,…and follow my blog for more updates…,.Thanks for visiting my blog…you can share your doubts or ask your queries,if any,over here..or mail me at upenderthakur20@gmail.com …,.

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